QA Testing


Whether testing fresh implementations, upgrades, or enhancements in your ERP environment, at VAMA Industries, we apply our expertise to help customers improve business performance through process efficiency and reduce costs without sacrificing quality. We use the right testing tools to manage everything from automated functional testing to multi-region performance testing for organizations with thousands of users spread across the world.


  • Performing manual testing allows our experts to find the defects and ensure that all application features behave as expected.


  • This is an ongoing process within the software development life cycle (SDLC) designed to ensure the highest quality in software engineering.

Automation Testing


Functional Testing, Load Testing, and Test Management processes can be automated to achieve cost reduction, facilitate team communication & efficiency and improve software quality by integrating Test Plans, Test Requirements and Test Execution.
Automated scripts execute tests significantly faster than manual testers and test how the software reacts under repeated execution of the same operations. Automated Test Scripts perform precisely the same operation each time they are run thereby eliminating human error.

Testing Automation as a Service (TAaaS):

  1. TAaaS is a unique On-Demand automation offering that bundles our world class automation expertise, technical depth of testing and tools (People, Process, Tools)
  2. Regression Automation (all backlogs and releases).
  3. Progressive/in-Sprint Automation (agile and DevOps).
  4. People (Automation and Testing expertise).
  5. Process (Automation Frameworks, Methodologies And Best Practices etc.).
  6. Tools (Automation and others).
  7. We build the automation for you and with you.
  8. We operate it with you and train you.
  9. You take over, we transfer it to you.
  10. You own, maintain and enhance the program.
  11. Tool licenses subscription is transferred to you and paid by you.
  12. Organizations can ease their business process with Automation.
  13. Stabilize their existing Operation process.
  14. Scale their existing Processes.

Selenium Testing

Selenium Testing-The Benefits of Automation Services

The Selenium-IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an easy-to-use Firefox plug-in to develop Selenium test cases. It provides a Graphical User Interface for recording user actions using Firefox which is used to learn and use Selenium, but it can only be used with Firefox browser as other browsers are not supported. However, the recorded scripts can be converted into various programming languages supported by Selenium and the scripts can be executed on other browsers as well.
The following steps are involved in creating Selenium tests using IDE: -Recording and adding commands in a test.
-Saving the recorded test.
-Saving the test suite.
-Executing the recorded test.

Selenium Core or Selenium Grid

  • Though the first Selenium tool was formidable in minimizing test execution time, capturing browser screenshots, and sending Selenium commands but couldn’t take cross-domain testing or permit the JavaScript Runner code from accessing web components hosted on different domains. In order to overcome the flaw, Selenium team found a permanent solution to the aforesaid shortcoming by starting to combine Selenium Grid with RC for filling the infirmity.

Selenium 1 or Selenium Remote Control (RC)

  • The flagship test tool makes you write automated web application in programming languages of your choice against any HTTP website using any JS-enabled browser. But with the introduction of Selenium WebDriver (Selenium v3), RC's value has been depreciated to a little. However, you can keep yourself going with RC or move further with the more efficient Selenium WebDriver tool (Selenium v1).

Selenium Testing

Selenium Testing-The Benefits of Automation Services

Selenium WebDriver

  • The core Selenium technology known as SeleniumWebDriveris an upgrade to RC or a by-product of Selenium RC that comes as a positive support system for JAVA, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, and JS programming languages. It helps browsers and web z3 applications become ever powerful and expansive with the use of JavaScript embedded within it. The first cross-platform testing framework is fit to create advanced test cases and control browser from the OS level. Being the successor of Selenium Remote Control, SeleniumWebDriverworks forward to hit the testing functions on multi-browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari) and also assist testing on OS as like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Selenium 2 or Selenium Remote Control (Selenium RC)

  • Merging of the complete Selenium WebDriver and Selenium RC results in the evolution of a new breed of application known as Selenium 2 up on which majority of the Top Selenium Projects runs.

Selenium Automation Testing Advantages over Other Testing Tools:

  • Saving the recorded test.
  • Exploratory testing facilitates bug clearance.
  • Generate Logs for monitoring stepwise testing.
  • Selenium 2.0 efficient in Flash & DB test procedures.
  • Apply keyword-driven & hybrid approach for Data Automation.
  • Offer ease-of-consolidation with popular Java build tools (Ant, Maven).
  • Enfold Selenium testing scripts in the Testing Frameworks of your choice (JUnit, TestNG).
  • Conduct rigorous regression automation on multi-platforms using favourite Programming Language (Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, Perl, Python).
  • Frequent Automation Testing Processes & Tools cut error-prone and repetitious manual testing practices along with the manual QA testers.
  • Preferred Selenium Automation tool blended with other frameworks (TestNG or JUnit, NUnit, Sikuli) for enabling image based testing, reporting services using HTML etc,.
  • Presence of JavaScriptTestRunner in Selenium auto-provides a programming interface for executing test cases that are well recognized on the web pages for delivering prompt results.