CAD and Engineering Data Management

CAD and Engineering Data Management

CAD and Engineering Data Management


VAMA Design Services can make parametric 3D solid models from your prototypes, drawings or designs following your specified parameters. We utilize the latest standards and techniques to develop the CAD models and drawings.

An important part of the product development cycle is producing 3D CAD models of the design. The CAD models are required for rapid prototypes and for tooling for the production parts.

These CAD models may lower the risks of practical problems that might arise in real life. The 3D CAD models can be used for a variety of purposes such as geometry visualization, creating parametric based drawings, reverse engineering, generating complex tool paths, 3D analysis , and finite element analysis, calculating volumes, checking for interference, alignment, or doing rendered images for presentations.

Our team delivers highest quality CAD data that incorporate manufacturing and design intent of your design to make future redesign steps easier and takes minimum effort for working in downstream applications.

VAMA's years of interoperability experience in 3D Modeling, CAD Design and mechanical design solution ensures that you may use to help you get your projects done. provides the ability to support and understand these older drawings and their conversion to modern CAD formats.


  • Automotive
  • Oil And Natural Gas
  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Medical Technology & Healthcare
  • Off Highway
  • Rail Transportation
  • Heavy Equipment & Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Material Handling
  • Appliances
  • Mechatronics
  • Mining
  • Power Generation

CAD and Engineering Data Management

Service Offerings

VAMA offers dedicated services in 3D modeling. Our team is very competent in preparing solid models per the design intent. Our team members have wide experience in

  • Paper 2D drawings to 3D CAD
  • PDF to DWG conversion
  • Data Migration to latest CAD systems
  • Migration from one CAD platform to another CAD platform
  • BOM (Bill of Material) Generation
  • Legacy CAD data conversion
  • Drawing standard conversion (E.g. ANSI to DIN)
  • 2D CAD drawings (E.g. Solidworks) to AutoCAD drawings
  • CAD models and 2D drawings from conceptual sketches and images
  • Engineering Change Request (ECR) and Engineering Change

    Notification (ECN)

  • Patent Submission Drawings.
  • Trade Drawings and Manufacturing Drawings with GD&T
  • International Material Data System (IMDS) reports
  • Developing parametric 3D CAD models and associative 2D

    manufacturing drawings.

  • 3D parametric feature based modeling enabling to accept the future

    modifications without failing.

  • Automated design of assemblies, which are collections of parts

    and/or other assemblies

  • Creation of manufacturing drawings and trade drawings from the solid


  • Validation/Verification of designs against specifications and design


  • Import/Export routines to exchange data with different high-end

    software packages.

  • Calculation of mass properties of parts and assemblies.
  • 3D Visualization and Rendering.
  • Generating complex tool paths for the tooling.
  • Volume calculation for parts and assemblies.
  • Interference checking.