High security data

High security and availability of data

  • Data stored in a database management system is secured from any unauthorized user access. Only users with authentic rights can access the data, hence it is saved from any manipulation and misuse.

Easy sharing of data

Easy sharing of data

  • Data stored in a DBMS can be easily shared by authorized users of an enterprise. The DB administrator has the right to give access to users based on their relativity with the data. A single piece of data can be accessed by many users simultaneously. It also facilitates data sharing among different applications.

Data Redundancy

Data redundancy and consistency

  • A single repository of data which integrates data of the complete organization at one place reduces the chances of data redundancy or duplicity. Thus, a DBMS helps you in ensuring data consistency as well, as any data update is immediately available to the users.

High Integration Data

High integration capabilities

  • DBMS stores data in tables and allows creation of multiple constraints and relationships between tables. These high integration capabilities make data retrieval and update easy.

data base migration

Defined database backup and recovery process

  • Unlike a traditional file based data storage, DBMS does not require manual backup of data. Most of the providers use backup and recovery as sub systems, in order to facilitate automatic creation of the backup files and options of recovery when required.

Centralized data management

  • Large organizations require robust data management system to manage their big pool of data and information. A DBMS system provides them a centralized way of storing data with better integration capabilities, easy sharing and security of data stored.

data base support

VAMA’s Services Include:

  • 24x7x365 remote or on premise database monitoring and support.
  • Flexible consulting, planning, and developing for short-term and ongoing database projects.
  • Tuning, optimization, and assessment.
  • End-of-life upgrades and configuration across multiple database environments.