infrastructure management services

Network Management

Install/ upgrade/ patching of devices:

  • Installation, Configuration and Patch Management of Switches, including all associated peripherals administrative services

Network security and hardening:

  • Hardening the Switches and other Networked equipment by way of updating the IOS and patches to improve the performance and Security which includes IPS/IDS devices to monitor all network end points

Network Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Monitoring of Network Connectivity and performance (9x6 i.e., Monday to Saturday) include proactive problem identification and resolution of a enterprise IT environment, historical trend information and up-to-date performance snapshots

Administration and troubleshooting of devices & services:

  • Automated procedures and analytics identify and fix potential problems before performance is affected

Configuration and backup management:

  • Configuration of Switches and other Networked resources including service restoration, IOS image Upgrade, maintenance, and rollbacks, Maintaining of Backup copies of configuration and IOS.

infrastructure management services

Storage Management:

  • Configuration of RAID Levels using Disk Groups, Assigning of Redundant and Hot spare Drives to RAID Groups, RAID Levels, Configuration of Storage Controllers, Creating of LUNs, Assigning LUN to Server and Virtualization. Configuring Thin Provisioning, Snapshot, snapshot restore, clone and replication as per customer requirements

Storage monitoring and reporting:

  • Operational parameters done with tools that provide utilization, performance and availability of all Storage Resources

Administration and troubleshooting:

  • Includes automated operations and analytics based on thresholds and triggered events, Volumes, Disks availability, RAID Groups, RAID Levels, etc.

Install/ upgrade/ patching:

  • Associated administrative services such as adds, moves and changes of Operating System, Patches and Service Packs

Security & hardening:

  • Removal of vulnerable and unnecessary services, patching security holes, and securing access controls.

Configuration and backup management:

  • Configuration of Backups to Tape Library according to customer Backup Policy.

infrastructure management services infrastructure management services
  • Installing and configuring new hardware and software
  • Heterogeneous Support for OS: Windows, Linux, Unix and Solaris
  • Installation and Configuration of Domain Controller (DC), Active Directory Services (ADS)

  • Additional Domain Controller (ADC), Domain Naming Server (DNS), Internet Information
  • Services (IIS), and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), LDAP, Etc.,
  • Creating and maintaining user and Computer Accounts
  • Adding, removing, or updating user account information, resetting passwords.
  • Managing Password policy and enforcing to follow the standards and Policies defined as per customer requirement
  • Password management policy
  • Creating of Groups and OUs
  • Configuration of Group Policies and applying to Users, Groups, OUs etc.,
  • Securing the OS and Application Software in terms of Installation of Service Packs,
  • Security & Hot fixes and Antivirus with updated AV signatures on Servers and Client Systems
  • Installing and configuring application software
  • Backing up and restoring of User’s data and System restore points & Registry
  • Monitoring and performance tuning of Software and Hardware
  • Configuring a secure system and Hardening the System with complete patch management and AV Updates
  • Using tools to monitor security
  • Performing routine audits of systems and software. Maintaining of Infrastructure inventory details and documented
  • Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with computer systems.
  • Introducing and integrating new technologies into existing Data Center environments as per customer requirement
  • Troubleshooting any reported problems
  • Performing backups (Incremental, Differential, Copy and Full).
  • Responsibility for documenting the configuration of the system.
  • System performance tuning.
  • Ensuring that the network infrastructure is up and running.