Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Vama’s Internet of Things (IoT) service enables organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators by delivering innovative IoT powered solutions.

Vama is a Platform as a service (PaaS) designed for internet of things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) Projects. We connect devices to Internet and Internet to devices.

We empower organizations to:

Connect and scale with efficiency.
Analyse and Act on new data.
Integrate and transform business processes.
Improve decision making with augmented intelligence.
Design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage end to end IoT processes.
Seamlessly integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture.
Internet Of Things

Focus Areas:

Our end-to-end IoT solutions empower smart industries,

smart living and smart enterprises and deliver connected experiences by connecting assets, operations/logistics and services. While we have expertise across all stages of IoT adoption to provide you with a seamless single vendor experience to maximize efficiencies, we focus predominantly on the segments mentioned below:

Industries – Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities. Re-imagine

processes to unlock the true potential of your industry while facilitating sustainable development.

Smart Living – Wearables, Healthcare, Security. Enhance

the quality of life by embracing emerging technologies designed to foster healthier, happier and safe environment.

Smart Enterprises – Smart homes/ Buildings/ Offices,

Retail. Connect people, machines and information using Big Data to enhance business efficiency in a secured ecosystem.

IOT Works

Scope Of IoT:

Internet of Things can connect devices embedded in various systems to the internet. When devices can represent themselves digitally, they can be controlled from anywhere. The connectivity then helps us to capture more data from more places, ensuring more ways of increasing efficiency and improving safety and IoT security.

IoT is a transformational force that can help companies improve performance through IoT analytics and IoT Security to deliver better results. Businesses in the utilities, oil & gas, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure and retail sectors can gain the benefits of IoT by making more knowledgeable decisions, assisted by the torrent of interactional and transactional data at their clearance.

IOT Important

How important is data in a connected world?

In a technological world, data is abundant and making use of that data, valuable. In a world that collects and is powered by data, we need to be able to accept, understand and interpret it to our own advantage.

Imagine a world where machines, objects, materials and sensors of all kinds are capturing and answering to data. Whether it's traffic lights adjusting patterns to data on traffic flow, houses firing up the heating when the temperature dips, heating systems that order their own replacement parts when existing ones fail. It's a world you're already living in.

A thing in the Internet of Things, can be a person with a heart monitor implant, a farm animal with a biochip transponder, an automobile that has built-in sensors to alert the driver when tire pressure is low -- or any other natural or man-made object that can be assigned an IP Address and provided with the ability to transfer data over a network.

As to what this means? We can no longer just think about individual buildings or assets. We must no longer be constrained by just thinking about design and construction. We must, instead, focus on the wider built environment and how we share and use information on just about everything.